How We Are Working Towards Zero Waste

  • We come onsite to determine the scope of the project, assess potential for reuse and recycling, and then generate a proposal.
  • Once on-board, we create a detailed inventory of the items in your space to be donated and begin the process of finding homes.
  • Every effort is made to place salvageable items with our established list of schools, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and reuse centers.
  • Remaining items or components that need to be removed are then carefully disassembled and deconstructed.
  • To the extent possible, demolition spoils (including wood, drywall, metal and glass) are site-sorted into clean loads and placed into dedicated bins. This increases the recyclable load.
  • Remaining materials are hauled as Mixed C&D Waste, which will go through a final screening process at a state-certified recycling facility.
  • These steps allow us to divert as much waste as possible from landfill.

F&E, Salvage, and Delivery

F&E (“Furniture & Equipment”), salvage and delivery is a unique specialty of Madrone. If you are seeking furniture or materials for your Bay Area organization, please reach out to us and we will work to get your requested items delivered to your doorstep.

Soft Demolition

Madrone specializes in soft demolition, performing numerous interior demolition projects for commercial development, office spaces, laboratories, power generation facilities, and building core structural rehabilitations.


Madrone employs a well rounded team of experienced carpenters skilled in the art of cutting, shaping and installing building materials during the construction or renovation of commercial buildings.

Site Cleanup

Madrone’s construction site cleanup team performs final cleaning and removal of left over construction materials for commercial properties. Our partnerships with local repurposing and environmental organizations ensure that reusable materials never wind up in our landfills.

Hard Demolition

Hard demolition projects require thoughtful planning and strategic execution, which is why Madrone’s experienced decision-makers employ small, nimble project teams—ensuring both the protection of your investment and the environment at every phase.